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‘The Walking Dead’: The Best is Yet to Come

The Walking Dead, AMC

The Walking Dead has taken us down some crazy roads, and last night’s episode was no exception. Giving us the happiest episode of The Walking Dead to date, Executive Producer Greg Nicotero promises us the best is yet to come.

Last night’s episode of AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead, was different for me. Gone were all the stresses that our beloved characters have primarily dealt with over the past 5 seasons. The show was lighthearted. It truly was. ‘Jesus’ was by far one of my favorite characters of the episode, and the scene where he is knocked out and he kept falling on Daryl (I think intentionally) is great.

The Walking Dead, AMC
Rick and Daryl’s bromance is starting to blossom in ‘The Walking Dead’. Image: AMC

So, what exactly did we have? We have a time jump that sees Daryl and Rick become friends, Carl having a change of heart, and the gang becoming official Alexandrians. They finally belong to a group, but I am sure that this will end badly for them, it always does. For once, they have people who can watch their backs, and this seems to bring every one of them some peace.

Daryl and Rick introduce us to Jesus. He is an amazing character that brings elements to The Walking Dead that we have not seen yet. He is cunning, annoying, and is slightly mischievous. Is it me, or did Jesus intentionally stop, giving Rick and Daryl enough time to catch up to him in the truck? This is a character that is fresh to The Walking Dead. We also see Carl and Enid sneak out of Alexandria, and stumble upon a zombie (who just happens to be Deanna). Carl lures the zombie back to the town, and tells her to go home. When confronted about this, he says that someone who loves her should kill her. Is Carl not pissed off anymore? It is an interesting juxtaposition for these characters, that differs from the way that they have been as of late in The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead, AMC
Hallelujah, Jesus has landed on ‘The Walking Dead’. Image: AMC

I was’ completely sold on the time jump initially, but after the episode, I am highly intrigued at what else the show has in store for us. Executive producer, Greg Nicotero has a little teaser morsel for us thanks to

That episode was all set up to build. We set the release valve and we trickle-trickle-trickle-trickle-trickle and build up to that explosive moment in Episode 9. It’s not like every episode is going to have that same tone or that same method of madness. It was the end of that section of our story, very much like The Walking Dead does. We’ll have a little mini-story and that story will go four, five, six, eight episodes, and then the show will take a bit of a left turn or a right turn and morph into something different. I think where we’re headed now is probably the most exciting modulation of The Walking Dead that we’ve ever done, because we know that we’re getting into meeting the Saviors, we know that Negan is right around the corner, so the show is really poised to take a very big shift in tone.

The Walking Dead, AMC
Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes in ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6, Episode 7 Image: AMC

This is a statement that really has me excited for what comes next in The Walking Dead. Season 6 is just halfway through, and this new shift brings us tons of new looks at characters and their relationships. Who will stand strong and who will go? No one will know that, we will just have to stay tuned. One thing is for certain on The Walking Dead, someone will die soon, someone will become a zombie, someone will become zombie lunch, and there will be tons more brutal zombie slaying.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9/8 central, only on AMC.

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