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Reynold’s ‘Deadpool’ Stunt Double in VFX Reel is Intriguing

Deadpool, Marvel, 20th Century Fox

Using stunt double to sit in for actors during the filming of dangerous scenes is nothing new in Hollywood. In the past, these stunt doubles would slightly resemble the features actor in some capacity. They were highly skilled at falling and performing many other stunts that the moviescape would need them to do.

Deadpool, Marvel, 20th Century FoxWith the recent success of superhero film, there is no doubt that these movies would need the use of stunt doubles. The abilities that some of these superheroes have, makes using practical stunt doubles a bit of a challenge. In this case, the studios result to using a CGI stand-in for the featured actor or actress to be able to show the super-human capabilities of these heroes.

Deadpool has been a huge success, and while star Ryan Reynold did don the red-and-black suit for a lot of the action scenes in the film, there were some that no human would be able to pull off. This is where the digital wizard were called in to make the impossible possible. In this lovely fight sequence from the beginning of Deadpool, we get to see just how much a digital stunt double helped to fashion the scene. The studio didn’t just use human stunt doubles for the scene, they also used digital vehicles, to choreograph the scene with perfection.

Deadpool, Marvel, 20th Century Fox
Highway scene in the movie ‘Deadpool’. Image: 20th Century Fox

This allowed the studio to sync the entire scene, and have the ability to manipulate every aspect of the carnage. This is a useful tool, especially when you see the scene play out in real-time. There would have been no way that this scene could have been a success without countless hours of man-time and studio time that would have hampered the budget.

Check out the clip below, courtesy of Ian Failes of Atomic Fiction, via IO9:

Deadpool is out in theaters now!

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