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How Zack Snyder’s the ‘Justice League’ Will Be Formed

Justice League, Warner Bros. Pictures

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had a huge Thursday opening night, raking in $28M. This is surprising, because the critical reception for the film has been relatively bad. Zack Snyder has done a lot of press for the film, and has spent time talking about the future of the franchise, the Justice League, and the direction that future DC films will be headed.

In an interview with Yahoo UK, Snyder talked about how he is preparing for Justice League, which is set to begin filming in just two weeks. Snyder says that Ben Affleck’s Batman will be the character responsible for locating and bring the seven heroes together for the film:


“I’m getting ready to start Justice League on the 11th of April, so in like two weeks we start shooting and it’s an intense, awesome, and gigantic undertaking because Bruce [Wayne] is having to go out and sort of Seven Samurai the Justice League together, which is fun… It’s slightly monumental, and at the same time they’re starting to grapple with this coming threat.”

Charles Roven, the film’s producer gave us a little more information about the creation of this universe and how Batman v Superman has impacted the DC universe:

“From the moment we bring a director onto a project, we make sure that we collaborate with that director – so you know, Patty [Jenkins], David [Ayer], James [Wan], they all saw work in progress of Batman v Superman, before they started to work on their individual movies, right, just so they would know where we were coming from.

Then we would talk about it: ‘Ok, here’s kind of what I want to do. Am I bumping up against something that you’re doing? If I am, let’s talk about it. If I’m not, great, I’m going to go here.’ And fortunately everybody has been really into it. All of the filmmakers have their corner of the sandbox, but they actually all know how to play well together.”

Batman v Superman, Warner Bros. Pictures
A screenshot of the Trinity, from Zack Snyder’s ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

In separate interviews with IGN, producer Deborah Snyder spoke about the tone:

Justice League is a little bit lighter because some of these characters, you have Flash, tend to be a little more comedic, I’d say.”

Zack Snyder gave us a little information on the tone of the film, and whether they will stick to the dark, gritty undertones that are present in Man of Steel, and Batman v Superman:

“One of the things that lightens it is having The Flash or having characters that are more optimistic. This movie is, in particular, two characters who are in a crisis of conscience which sort of draws them together.”

His wife (Deborah Snyder who is also producing the film) in an interview with IGN,  also touched on how this film will be a bit lighter than the others before it:

Justice League is a little bit lighter because some of these characters, you have Flash, tend to be a little more comedic, I’d say.”

These remarks contradict earlier questions that Snyder faced, when he opted to pass on Grant Gustin, and recast the Scarlet Speedster for the DC Cinematic Universe. His reasoning for this was that Gustin’s Flash was too lighthearted for the DCU. This is an unfortunate occurrence, because Gustin is brilliant as the Flash. We just have to keep our fingers crossed that Ezra Miller (Royal Pains) can elevate the character for the movie verse.


Justice League Pt. 1 is currently slotted to release on November 17, 2017.

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