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Fox Will Skip the San Diego Comic-Con Over Leaks

SDCC, Comic-Con International

Just a few weeks after the San Diego Comic-Con announced that they would be streaming live all the panels, 20th Century Fox has decided that they will not be showcasing any upcoming films in Hall H this year. The studio says that they feel they cannot prevent piracy of the

‘Shinobi’ Video Game to Get a Big Screen Adaptation

Shinobi, SEGA/ McFlight

SEGA has jumped on the film adaptation bandwagon, and has many of their intellectual properties being adapted into films, and multiple television and digital projects. Current SEGA properties on this list are Golden Axe, Virtual Fighter, and Crazy Taxi, but now you can put Shinobi on that list. According to Variety, the film will be produced by Marc

‘Outlast 2’ Gameplay Managed to Scare the Hell Out of Me

Outlast 2, Red Barrel

I wasn't a big fan of the first Outlast game. I wanted guns, a crowbar, something. Give me a weapon, and I am fine fighting zombies, Nazis, advanced super soldier, and aliens. The real problem comes when you take the weapon away. Don't get me wrong, the game wasn't bad, I

‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Will be a Better Movie Because of Marvel

Captain America: Civil War, Marvel

There has been a lot to celebrate for comic book fans, ever since Sony and Marvel announced that they would be partnering up with Spider-Man. This deal ushered in a new era of studio competition. It is a partnership that can only help Sony. Marvel gets to refresh the hero,

Marvel Defends Its Casting of Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One

Doctor Strange, Marvel

There has been a hot debate over the last few weeks, about the whitewashing of roles in Hollywood films. Marvel has become the most recent studio to come under the scrutiny from equality groups and essentially everyone waving the flag of equality. I don't mean to demean this group of people,

New ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Sees Spider-Man in Action

Spider-Man, Captain America: Civil War, Marvel

Marvel is continuing their onslaught of the world with the Captain America: Civil War marketing, and this morning their dropped an international trailer that gives us some new footage. What is the best part of this footage you ask? It is a packed with action, and we get to finally see

We May Still See Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Alien’ Movie

Alien, 20th Century Fox

Last year news broke that Neill Blomkamp was secretly working on an Alien movie idea that he would like to work on. He released a ton of concept artwork, and the project was greenlit. Everything was grand for a short period, then Ridley Scott announced that he has written one more

Tilda Swinton Comments on ‘Doctor Strange’ Whitewashing

Doctor Strange, Marvel

After Captain America: Civil War finishes taking everybody's money next month, the next film that will be on everybody's lists is Doctor Strange. The film's trailer dropped to rave reviews, with the majority of fans looking forward to the mind-bending film. The film has come under great scrutiny for the whitewashing of the Ancient

‘Doctor Strange’ Will Take Crazy to a Whole New Level

Doctor Strange, Marvel

To say that Marvel's Doctor Strange will be a crazy film, will be an understatement. If you know anything about the comics, you know that the visuals were mind altering. Reading them is like going on an acid trip, and this is something that Marvel wanted to get a firm grip on