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Images: ‘Doctor Strange’ Filming on the Streets of New York

Doctor Strange, Marvel

Filming has been under way for some time on the upcoming Marvel movie Doctor Strange, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Chitwetel Ejiofor. For the first time, photographers got really great shots of the Sorcerer Supreme and Baron Mordo completely decked out in robes, and running around on the streets of Manhattan. We have previously gotten promotional shots that featured how magic will appear in the feature film, but now we are getting an amazing look at the intricate costumes.

Check out the images below:

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is the story about a talented surgeon, Steven Vincent Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch). When he gets into a dramatic car accident, Strange can no longer perform surgery. He sinks into depression, and seeks out a cure through whatever means necessary. Traveling to the East upon hearing of a tibetan mystic, Strange meets the mystic known as the Ancient One. Becoming a disciple of the Ancient One, Strange is taught the ways of magic to combat a new threat Baron Mordo (Chitwetel Ejiofor). Little does Strange know that this was a life path that he was chosen for since he was a young child, and he is destined to be very important to the entire galaxy.

The first thing to note, is how impressive the costumes look. They are bright and vibrant, which is a direct contrast to the color palate that Zack Snyder used in his recent film Batman v Superman, which was fueled by subdued colors and flooded with shadows.

With Doctor Strange hitting theaters in six months on November 4, could we see a trailer for the Scott Derrickson-directed film soon? We might even see a trailer at the beginning of Captain America: Civil War.

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