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Star Wars Rogue One: A Pivotal Character Could be Returning

Star Wars Rogue One, Disney, Lucasfilm

It is a bit early to start in on the Star Wars Rogue One rumors, but a few are beginning to pop up. With the recent release of Star Wars The Force Awakens on DVD and Bluray, rumors have begun to surface that have big ramifications across the SW galaxy. There is a huge rumor about Star Wars Rogue One that may see the return of a very important character.

These reports and rumors may be a bit premature, but according to Making Star Wars, Darth Vader may have a role in the film. There is no indication as to how big this role may be, but the return of Vader will thrill fans. The rumor states that a team of designers have been formed to recreate the look of Vader’s suit from A New Hope. It also goes on to say that James Earl Jones will return to voice the character (as he did in the original trilogy, and more recently on Star Wars Rebels).

Star Wars Rogue One, Disney/ Lucasfilm
Darth Vader leading a platoon of Stormtroopers. Image: Disney/ Lucasfilm

Now this is a rumor, and until the role has been confirmed, we will not know for sure. The film does take place around that time, and it would be hard to watch a film that doesn’t deal with the villain in some capacity. He has such a big presence in the Empire that it would almost be a chore to step around him.

This rumor has a bit of backing from Badass Digest, who’s states that the character “will be working behind the scenes, pulling strings and will appear onscreen.” Taking place between the events of The Revenge of the Sith and A New HopeRogue One will deal with the mission to steal plans for the first Death Star.

Darth Vader returning for one last role would be a great addition to a film that will need a little help. It will mark the second time that fans will know what is happening before this film and immediately after. The story will have to be tight, all while paying enough homage to the series and the old trilogy enough to win the hearts of everyone over.

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