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Director Kabir Khan and Actor Salman Khan to Re-Team

Kabir Khan and Actor Salman Khan
Photo: Yash Raj Films

The director and actor of the films Ek Tha Tiger and Bajrangi  Bhaijaan are set to team up for  a third time for a yet undetermined project. Director Kabir Khan broke the news on Twitter. To date Khan and actor Salman Khan’s  two previous projects have been both artistic and box office gold. There can be little doubt, even though Kabir Khan didn’t mention any specific project, an excitement that Khan and Khan are re-teaming is building.

Kabir Khan’s words were simple but he didn’t need to say much to be heard. According to Times of India, the director tweeted, ‘”YES… WE ARE COMING BACK… EID 2017,” Kabir tweeted along with a picture of himself with Salman.

And, with Salman Khan’s latest,  Sultan, sliding into theaters soon, Kabir Khan’s announcement could not come at a better time.

In 2012, Ek Tha Tiger dropped in theaters and was a major hit both in India and worldwide. “The film opened to extremely strong box office collections and became the second Bollywood film to gross over ₹3 billion (US$45 million) worldwide with a gross of ₹3.20 billion (US$48 million)” so notes Wikipedia.

It’s mixture of action and Salman Khan charm would set the blue print for Salman Khan movies to come but it would also signal the end of his relationship, on a personal level at least, with then girlfriend Katrina Kaif.

Fast forward 3 years to last summer and the second Kabir/Salman collaboration hit theaters, the epic hit Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

Produced by Salman Khan himself, Bajrangi Bhaijaan had a bit more to it and wasn’t the straight action flick that its predecessor was. Salman Khan showed his acting chops and the audiences ate it up. The film would take the summer box office by storm, both at home and worldwide.

So, while there was no mention of a specific property, Kabir Khan and Salman Khan’s previous two outings have many cheering the news of a third collaboration.