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Channing Tatum Joins ‘Kingsman’ Sequel

Channing Tatum to Appear in Kingsmen Sequel. Image:Nick Wechsler Productions Iron Horse Entertainment Extension 765

What does any sequel need? Channing Tatum, of course. He is the answer to everything. So, those of you who watched the first Kingsman film and thought, “Damn, I wish Channing Tatum was in this,” well, we have good news. He is going to be in the sequel. If this were the previous decade, it would be akin to announcing that Ashton Kutcher was going to be in your film. This is cause to celebrate.

With his usual aplumb, Tatum broke the news on Twitter and somewhere a teenage girl, who just got over her Ryan Gosling crush, is ecstatic. The Hollywood Reporter carried the story, and illuminated us with the words of the male stripper version of David Mamet, “I am about to get all up in that Golden Circle.” It is, as of yet, unknown what role Tatum will play. The production is slowly coming together and all that is known to this point is that Taron Egerton and Mark Strong are returning. Colin Firth will be returning as well. Though, in what capacity, is still to be determined. Julianne Moore, Halle Berry, and Pedro Pascal have been added to the cast for the upcoming sequel.

Speculation as to what type of character Tatum would play has run rampant on the internet, which is more thought than Tatum himself will probably give the character. On Twitter, courtesy of the website Slashfilm, Tatum conjured all his power of tease about the part he would play in the Kingsman, “My momma always told me the British gave us Southerners our manners.” Slash Films goes on to suggest that Tatum being from Alabama would make a Southerner role in the film a good fit.

It is still very early in the pre-production that a lot more rumors will be spread about the film before we know for sure. Until then, sit back and dream about Channing Tatum.