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AMC Theaters Back Away From Text-Friendly Screenings Plan

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Last week at CinemaCon, AMC Theaters proposed the idea that they would make their theaters text friendly during certain screening, but after incredible backlash, the chain has backed down from that idea. The plan was to allow a few theaters to test out the idea to let moviegoers text during showings. The chain backed up its idea, saying that moviegoers would be given a choice. Now it seems that they have changed their stance on that.

AMC Theaters
Would you go to a theater that allows texting while the movie is playing? Image: AMC Theaters

In a surprising turn, AMC Theaters has now announced that they will be initiating a strict ‘No Texting’ policy in their theaters worldwide, according to Variety . This is a stance that the Alamo Drafthouse has enforced for years. I am particularly firm in my stance against texting in theaters as well. I am perhaps one of the more strict moviegoers that exist. I would rather you not even talk to me during a film. Just let me enjoy the film, and if you must talk during the movie, wait to watch it at home in the comforts of your living room. This is a story for another day.

Texting during screenings are a big distraction, and yes, I can see the light from your phone even if you have a privacy screen on it. Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat can wait until after the film credits roll, and you have exited the theater.

Alamo Drafthouse founder, Tim League, reacted to AMC CEO Adam Aron’s initial comments by releasing a statement saying:

“When it comes to our core business, creating a special environment for our customers to experience new stories for the first time, there is absolutely no place for the distraction of a lit phone screen… I find that to be disrespectful to the creators, those who make the very existence of cinema possible.”

Going to the theater is an escape from the realities and complexities of everyday life. To take that away from moviegoers would destroy the very reason that people go to theaters. It is ok to put your life on hold for a few hours while Iron Man and Captain America kick the hell out of each other.

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