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‘Outlast 2’ Gameplay Managed to Scare the Hell Out of Me

Outlast 2, Red Barrel

I wasn’t a big fan of the first Outlast game. I wanted guns, a crowbar, something. Give me a weapon, and I am fine fighting zombies, Nazis, advanced super soldier, and aliens. The real problem comes when you take the weapon away. Don’t get me wrong, the game wasn’t bad, I just wasn’t excited to play it. Little did I know that game developer Red Barrels was just warming up. Outlast 2 changed my opinion of the franchise completely.

Clearly one of the best things coming out of PAX East this past weekend were the Outlast 2 trailers. The footage looks great, and it seems that the developer has nailed the survival horror genre. I am not just trying to hype this game, it really is scary.

Check out the gameplay trailers below, but the feint of heart BEWARE:

But they didn’t stop there. They hit us with another extended gameplay trailer that really amps up the WTF factor. Hold on tight for this footage:

Nope. Just nope. This game looks horrifying. I felt the tension, my anxiety rose, and i stopped breathing a few times. This game leaves the safe zones of the Asylum from Outlast, and throws you in the middle of a horror ranch in the middle of nowhere, complete with creepy cornfield. This Cult driven horror will take you to the “twisted depths of the human mind and its dark secrets”, according to Red Barrel.

Outlast 2, Red Barrel
Will you enter the cornfield alone in the dark on ‘Outlast 2’? Image: Red Barrel

The big details from the plot have yet to be released, but it seems as though we are taken on a familiar man-loses-woman man-seeks-woman plot line. That is the only reason that I would ever think about searching a wicked looking farmhouse, especially after passing the crosses drenched in blood. This would not be anywhere I would be caught alone at night.

Outlast 2 drops this Fall on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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