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‘Shinobi’ Video Game to Get a Big Screen Adaptation

Shinobi, SEGA/ McFlight

SEGA has jumped on the film adaptation bandwagon, and has many of their intellectual properties being adapted into films, and multiple television and digital projects. Current SEGA properties on this list are Golden Axe, Virtual Fighter, and Crazy Taxi, but now you can put Shinobi on that list.

According to Variety, the film will be produced by Marc Platt (Bridge of Spies), Tomoya Suzuki, and Adam Siegel. Partnering on the project are SEGA Group and Hakuhodo DY Group to bring the classic game to life.

Shinobi, SEGA
‘Shinobi’ is coming to the big screen soon. Image: SEGA

Shinobi debuted in 1987, and quickly became one of the most popular titles in SEGA’s intellectual library. It is a side scrolling game, known for being extremely difficult, and was a technical showcase of the skill that SEGA was capable of.

Shinobi follows the story of Joe Musashi. A weak boy who dedicates his life to the Oboro clan, quickly rising to become the most skilled and respected ninja in the clan. His life is destroyed when the terrorist crime syndicate, Zeed rises to power and kidnaps his students in an attempt in convert them into evil ninja. Musashi must act quickly to save his students and rid the world of the Zeed crime syndicate.

Shinobi was an instant hit when it released in the 80’s, a time in which the world was embracing the ninja craze. It was originally released as an arcade game, but was quickly ported to the SEGA Master System, with one hit deaths being swapped out for a health bar. The game spawned a number of titles that released on almost every home console since its inception. Upon the games first release, it received critical acclaim, even nabbing a 4 out of 5 stars from Dragon, a popular review magazine of the time.

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