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Fox Will Skip the San Diego Comic-Con Over Leaks

SDCC, Comic-Con International

Just a few weeks after the San Diego Comic-Con announced that they would be streaming live all the panels, 20th Century Fox has decided that they will not be showcasing any upcoming films in Hall H this year. The studio says that they feel they cannot prevent piracy of the footage shown to the attendees of the convention.

Dan Glanzer, director of public relations for Comic-Con International made a statement earlier, and said, “Clearly we are disappointedThis leak not only violates the trust of Comic-Con and the studios, but each of the attendees who respect the bond we have long held.”

This comes in the wake of massive leaks of footage and trailers during last years event. Footage of Deadpool, Suicide Squad, Batman v Superman, and X-Men: Apocalypse was all leaked last year before the footage was to be released to the attendees of the convention. The studios felt that the convention should do more to protect the footage.

SDCC, Comic-Con International
20th century Fox has given up on SDCC. What other studios are next? Image: Comic-Con International

20th Century Fox is not the only studio considering dropping out of the convention, there have been rumors that Disney could soon follow suit, and pull their own panel from the convention. A Disney rep has denied these allegations.

Hall H (and the line there) has become famous for having exclusive content meant only for a select few to see. This footage has rarely seen the light of day, and sometimes is footage that isn’t included in the finished film. It is a privilege to make it into the hall, and usually fans are not disappointed, being treated to a world-class panel.

20th Century Fox has some big films coming out in 2016/2017, and they will be missed at the convention this year. It might have been the first opportunity fans would have to see footage from Assassin’s Creed and The Maze Runner: The Death Cure.


Source: The Wrap

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