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The Queer Side of Batman

Photo Warner Bros

Robin, the boy wonder, was introduced into the world of Batman to help lighten what was truly a dark comic. It was April 1940 and the character of Dick Grayson, who would become Robin, was introduced in hopes of attracting a younger audience. That it did. He was an instant

Wolverine Was Going to Have a Larger Role in ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’

The Wolverine, 20th Century Fox

It is no secret by now, Wolverine's role in X-Men: Apocalypse shows off his adamantium rage after he is turned into Weapon X, making short work of a slew of guards. We got to see glimpses of the famous rage in X2, but this scene is awesome, and features a ton of easter

Captain America Gay/James Bond a Woman: The Disrespect of Modern Equalists

Author: Nick Lauer When James Bond was created, author Ian Fleming had the character bear resemblance to him and composer, singer and actor Hoagy Carmichael. This was more than just a character for him. Fleming took everything about himself, his characteristics, his tastes, his quirks, and projected them onto Bond's character. This

‘Star Wars’: 6 People You Didn’t Know Auditioned to Be Han Solo

Star Wars, Lucas Film

Star Wars is a movie that has captured the imagination of generations. As kids, most of us ran around destroying the Death Star with sticks fashioned as blasters or light sabers wearing our parents robes, as we saved a make-believe rebellion from the clutches of the evil Empire. Star Wars hit theaters in

‘Rebirth’: Re-Enlisting in the ‘Green Lantern Corps’

Green Lantern Corps, DC Comics

Rebirth… is it really going to be the cluster that some are predicting? Being someone who is relatively new to the DC Universe, I don’t see Rebirth as such a bad thing; at least until they prove me wrong (or right). I will admit that it will be a bit

‘Ready Player One’: Spielberg Wants Your Avatar in His Movie

Ready Player One, Amblin Entertainment

One movie that I have waited for some time to see footage from is Steven Spielberg's adaptation of the Ernest Cline novel Ready Player One. The book is one of my favorites, and the film begins filming this summer! Spielberg has asked for your help, he needs your avatars to inhabit

‘Tetris’ Movie is Now Going to Be a Trilogy, Why?

Tetris Movie

Just when you thought that the world of spinoffs couldn't get any crazier, we are about to get a Tetris movie. Don't everybody shout for joy at once. Tetris is an extremely popular game, but why are we getting a movie?! It has no characters, no story, no villain, and no conflict beyond

Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Live Action Movie Looks Perfect

Beauty and the Beast

Disney has finally released footage from their live-action, Emma Watson led movie, Beauty and the Beast. There really isn't much to the trailer, being that this is just a teaser, but what is here feels great. You are instantly enchanted by a haunting piano melody that reminds you of the first time you