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‘Deadpool’ Almost Featured X-Men Favorite Cable!

Deadpool and Cable, Marvel

Deadpool has crept his way into the hearts and minds of long-time comic book fans, and newcomers alike. The film broke records and surprised many people who thought that the film would not do well. (By the way, this was nobody but the studio.) It is no surprise to find out that the script went through many changes, and the film had a ton of setbacks. The only shining notes are that Deadpool was a success and Cable will be in the sequel, but he almost was in the first film.

One of the big processes the film went through, was how to include the X-Men. It wasn’t that the Deadpool crew didn’t want them, they just couldn’t decide which ones they could afford. I’m not going to begin to explain why a studio would have to pay themselves to use characters they already have the rights to.

Deadpool, 20th Century Fox
Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) reacts to Colossus’ (voiced by Stefan Kapicic) threats.

Early in the drafting process, Fox wanted to use Cable, someone who we already know will be in the sequel, but creator Rob Liefeld disagreed. He thought that Deadpool should stand on his own two feet. He couldn’t have been more right. A big named character would have clouded the water and stole some of the Merc-with-a-Mouth’s spotlight. (If that would even be possible.) Talking with Inverse, Rob Liefeld spoke about why he shot that idea down:

Half of us believed the movie should involve Cable. I could feel Cable breathing down my neck. I said, “No. Don’t put Cable in the first movie.” If Cable comes later, great. Deadpool is a vehicle for Ryan to shine. Cable bogs it down, I’m not sure it works as a first film with a general audience. I got in the car and I said, “Did I really just kill the appearance of my other more popular character?”

If you have seen the end credits scene then you know that is not the case at all. Deadpool was great, and another main character would have convoluted the spotlight. Good call Rob! Including Cable in the sequel will only make Deadpool 2 that much better.

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