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‘Civil War’ Post-Credits Scene Spoilers

Captain America: Civil War, Marvel

(((SPOILERS For Captain America: Civil War AHEAD)))

As the credits role for Captain America: Civil War, there is some thing you need to know. There is not just one post-credit scene, like we usually get with Marvel films, there are two. That is right, stay for both scenes. One appears at the midway point of the credits, while the other shows up at the end of the credits.

For me, Marvel post-credit scenes are wonderful. They are usually obscure references for what is coming in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and to the attentive fan, can be full of Easter Eggs. There are some that are there for fun, but for the most part they are informative morsels, that leave moviegoers wanting more.


Black Panther Credits Scene

Captain America: Civil War, Marvel
The Black Panther will choose sides in ‘Captain america: Civil War’. Image: Marvel

The first scene that happens, takes place at the half-way point of the credits. In the scene you see Bucky Barnes getting prepped in a medical room. His bionic arm is still gone (thanks to Iron Man), and he is talking to Captain America about how the world will be a safer place if he is put into suspended animation until the world can figure out how to undo the mind control programming that Hydra has placed into his brain. He is then frozen, and the camera follows Cap to the window where we see T’Challa (The Black Panther) looking out into the wilderness.

Cap thanks T’Challa for hiding Bucky and helping him out. He then warns T’Challa that if the world finds out where Bucky is, then they will all come for him. upon this statement, T’Challa replies that he would like to see them try. The camera then pans out to the wilderness, as tribal drum music plays in the background. The last shot is of a giant panther carved into the Wakandan jungle.

This scene looks to be laying the groundwork, for what might be the plot of the Black Panther film.

Spider-Man: Homecoming Hype Scene (2nd Civil War End Credits Scene)

Captain America: Civil War, Marvel
The post credits scenes for ‘Captain America: Civil War’ were some of the best that Marvel has done to date. Image: Marvel

In the last end-credits scene, we see Peter Parker being doctored up by Aunt May. He is sporting a black eye, and tells her that a guy named Steve from Brooklyn beat him up (meaning Captain America/Steve Rogers). Their banter goes back and forth a bit, and it is funny to hear Parker spin the airport fight scene into a school-kid street fight. Peter is scratching an itch under one of his web slingers, and triggers a secret switch, lighting a holographic signal/selection panel that was initially hidden from him. May comes back in one more time, as Peter scrambles to hide the webslinger in a blanket.

When she exits the scene, we finally get a good look at the projection as  Peter Parker investigates it himself. It is a giant Spider-Man logo, surrounded by icons that seem to be selection options for his slingers. Tony Stark really set the kid up right.

There really isn’t much in the way of Easter Eggs or spoilers in this scene. We are just treated to an extra scene with Tom Holland as Peter Parker.

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