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Evan Peters Wished Marvel Hadn’t Killed Off Quicksilver

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Remember that time there was about to be two movies coming out in the same year, that were both going to have Quicksilver in them. In the run-up to both film releases, there was a lot of anticipation. It was a great comic moment. Marvel had yet to falter, and Fox had done nothing but disappoint us (except with X-Men First Class).

When Fox released X-Men Days of Future Past, most people walked into the theaters expecting a disaster. They assumed that Marvel’s Quicksilver would end up being the victor in this battle. Little did they know that Bryan Singer had a trump card. When we sat in that theater and the Magneto Breakout scene began, there were a few chuckles. Then the slow-motion scene started, set perfectly to Jim Croce’s Time in a Bottle, and we all just gasped. The scene was perfect. Gone were the criticisms about Quicksilver’s costume, which was actually fitting. This WAS the Quicksilver that we all wanted. Check out the scene below:

Marvel had a big act to follow, and many (including me) expected them to blow Evan Peter’s version away. Unfortunately, that never happened. Marvel’s Quicksilver was an unrealized character, whose death was uneventful. Then there was the situation with the bad accent. It was a miscue that most blamed Joss Whedon for. I think that Joss is too good of a director to overlook this, and too competitive to not try to make his version of the speedster better than Fox’s. I blame studio intervention, but that is a discussion for another article.

In a recent interview with Yahoo, Evan Peters talked about Marvel’s Quicksilver, and how he wished they hadn’t sacrificed him so soon:

I was devastated by it. I really wanted that to keep going. I thought it was cool. I don’t really know why they killed him off.

I liked what they did with it. It was different. It was a completely different take on it. He had the Russian accent. I mean, they had this swoopy thing with the lines behind, which I thought was really cool, and I don’t know. I thought it was a cool character.

Avengers: Age of Ultron, Marvel
Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) takes Ultron out in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’. Image: Marvel

Peters goes on to say that he loved the competition, and that it motivated him, and should have motivated the studios to keep one-upping each other. So much for that scenario. Is there a chance that he gets brought back to life during Avengers Infinity War? It’s definitely a possibility. In the comic book run, a lot of the Marvel heroes were killed, and then brought back to life by the end.

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