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Led Zeppelin and the Business of Copyright Infringement

The Song Remains the Same - Golden Swan Records

On June 14, the copyright infringement case involving Led Zeppelin and, perhaps, their most famous song “Stairway to Heaven,” will begin and they will have to answer questions again about their songwriting process, something with which they’ve had to do with a frequency in recent years. However, before we throw Led Zeppelin into the same pit of hell that we chucked Milli Vanilli and Robin Thicke into the other night, let’s look into some other cases.  You may shake Mr. Page and Plant by their ankles to see how much loose change falls out of their pockets but there is no reason to think this in any way will tarnish their legacy, given how prevalent plagiarism has been in the history of pop music.

  • Spike

    A fun journey through some music history I didn’t even know existed. What’s really cool/noticeable, is how most of the time, the originals were effing awesome, and the samples/copies were plastic. Guess if you make something good, ever’body wanna piece o dat.