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‘Rebirth’: Re-Enlisting in the ‘Green Lantern Corps’

Green Lantern Corps, DC Comics

Rebirth… is it really going to be the cluster that some are predicting? Being someone who is relatively new to the DC Universe, I don’t see Rebirth as such a bad thing; at least until they prove me wrong (or right). I will admit that it will be a bit annoying if they go completely drastic with their changes (like they did with the New 52), after some pretty interesting things that have happened lately; especially in the Bat Family titles. I’ve heard some express less than enthusiastic responses to it. I think that this could bring about some interesting changes, if done cautiously. The one change that I’m looking forward to, is bringing Simon Baz to the forefront of the Green Lantern Corp presence on Earth.

Green Lantern Corps, DC Comics
‘Green Lantern’ is back, with Simon Baez rocking the ring! Image: DC Comics

I didn’t make my journey into the DC Universe until my buddy insisted that I read Earth 2, which I loved, After reading Earth 2, I dove head first into the DC Universe, until soon I was reading what felt like half of DC’s roster. The Green Lantern, written by Geof Johns, peaked my interest when I saw the advertisements for Rise of the Third Army. The Third Army itself was so damn cool. After reading the first issue of Rise of the Third Army, I had to scoop up the first 12 issues of Green Lantern. Being the comic addict that I am, I couldn’t stop there. I fully enlisted to the Green Lantern Corps on issues 13 of Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corp and Green Lantern: New Guardians. While the story of the Third Army was extremely interesting, it was the character Simon Baz that truly impressed me.

Baz quickly became a character that I enjoyed the most from the Green Lantern Corp. Being a fellow recruit to the Corp, I saw Baz as a great character to start with; it felt like we were learning the ropes of the Corp together. I loved that DC was using a Lebanese-American character for the Green Lantern Corp, creating a melting pot of human Lanterns to go along with the multitude of different races that filled their ranks.

My favorite part (that let Baz shine with uniqueness), is when he uses his ring to heal his comatose brother-in-law. Though I was new to Green Lantern mythos, I couldn’t recall anyone other than a Blue Lantern being able to heal. I started to expect great things from Simon Baz. I was hoping that Johns would continue to push the boundaries with Baz, showcasing that he was not your ordinary Lantern. I mean, what other Lantern carries a gun because he doesn’t trust his own ring? None that I can think of.

Following Rise of the Third Army came the story Wrath of the First Lantern, which was regrettably Geof Johns last run on the Green Lantern title. I felt that when Johns left the book, Baz exited at the same time. He was being used less and less in the Green Lantern books. Baz made appearances in the New 52’s Justice League of America but that title came to an end after the Trinity War storyline. The rising star that was keeping me latched to the Corp on was quickly fizzling.


Green Lantern Corps, DC Comics
‘Green Lantern: Rebirth’ variant cover released by DC. Image: DC Comics

I had pretty much given up on Simon Baz being a main character. I resigned that he would become yet another interesting character that was sidelined for the main cast. I was told to check out the Rebirth Previews cause he knew I was gonna be happy when I did. Seeing the preview for the new Green Lantern title with Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz on the cover, I about did a back flip. Here he was, back in the limelight with another interesting new recruit. I am super excited to see where this title is going to go. I find it interesting that they are bringing back the Red Lanterns also. Bleez is a bad ass and I’m enjoying that she is the main villain; at least it seems that way.

With a little over a week left until the release of Green Lantern: Rebirth #1, we don’t have to wait longer to see where Geof Johns (returning for a one-shot) and Sam Humphries take Baz and Cruz. I am remaining hopeful that they do both characters justice. I enjoyed Humphries work on Uncanny X-Force and what I read of Legendary Star-Lord. I can say that in at least one aspect of Rebirth, I am extremely excited. Here’s hoping that it’s WAY more successful than Convergence.

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Green Lanterns: Rebirth, DC Comics
Green Lantern is back in “Green Lanterns: Rebirth’. Image: DC Comics

Publisher: DC COMICS

(W) Geoff Johns, Sam Humphries (A/CA) Ethan Van

Creative powerhouse Geoff Johns puts the ring on again as he, cowriter Sam Humphries and artist Ethan Van Sciver début a new era of emerald greatness! Rookie Green Lanterns Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz tackle the universe’s toughest beat: Earth.

HOT TICKET: Geoff and Ethan brought Hal Jordan to epic status with the original GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH.


Rebirth: The Green Lanterns #1, DC Comics
Cover art for ‘Rebirth: The Green Lanterns #1’. Image: DC Comics

Publisher: DC COMICS

(W) Sam Humphries (A) Robson Rocha (CA) Robson Rocha, Joe Prado

RED PLANET chapter one

New Lanterns Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz promised to protect others in brightest day or blackest night, but as “Red Planet” begins to rise, the partners find themselves confronted with an unimaginable threat from Bleez and the Red Lanterns!


“I am psyched for GREEN LANTERNS!” says writer Sam Humphries. “Myself, Simon, and Jessica are all new to the DC Universe. We’re gonna have a blast exploring it-if we don’t destroy it first.”

  • David Ortiz

    100% Agreed, although to be honest as a relatively new comic collector myself I love what they did with the New 52, made it easier for ppl like me to jump on board and haven’t looked back since. To get back on point though I absolutely loved Baz, he was very grounded and conflicted most of the time definitely a character I look forward to reading more about in Rebirth.

    • I couldn’t agree more, while some hated the New 52, it was a very good point for new readers to jump in and work their way backwards if inclined to do so.
      At least I know some people that care more about character content than big flashy productions. Thanks David.