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Sharon Stone’s Marvel Role UPDATE!

Sharon Stone, Marvel

A few weeks ago, we reported that Sharon Stone announced she would be playing a ‘small’ role in an upcoming Marvel film. This led to an internet wildfire that had rabid fans trying to figure out what role she might be lining up to play. We assumed that because she said that it was a ‘small’ role, that she definitely would be suiting up as an older Janet Van Dyne, someone we previously thought was lost to the quantum rely in Ant-Man.

Ant-Man, Marvel
Paul Rudd was brilliant as petty thief (Scott Lang) turned superhero in MArvel’s ‘Ant-Man’. Image: Marvel

In an interview with AARP, Sharon Stone elaborated on the role, only going as far as to say that she will be playing a superhero who has ‘heat powers’. This brings up an interesting thought, who is she really playing? There aren’t many characters in the Marvel universe with heat powers, and that list grows exponentially smaller when you look at only female characters.

Could we see Sharon Stone make an appearance in Spiderman: Homecoming as Firestar? The option is there but is still a longshot. Is her role being kept such a secret because she could potentially be the Phoenix Force or Captain Marvel? Both of these are valid assumptions, but I am more skeptical at these. I still lean to think that she is going to be Janet Van Dyne, and that this is a big mislead.

Remember, her role is only speculation at this time, so take these rumors with a grain of salt.


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