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Project Scorpio: Microsoft Announces Most Powerful Console Ever

Xbox One, Project Scorpio, Microsoft

Microsoft has made an official announcement that a new console is planned for the holiday season of 2017. The console is officially labelled Project Scorpio, and according to Microsoft, Project Scorpio will be “the most powerful console ever.” Microsoft is setting its sites on competing with Sony’s (recently announced) Playstation Neo and PC games. Playstation Neo was announced last week, although no information is expected this week at E3. Some are referring to Neo as the PS4.5.

Rumors of the console have swirled around the internet for the last month, but the official announcement was made earlier today. Microsoft released a sizzle reel loaded with developers talking about building games on Scorpio. In the video they say that Scorpio will open up compatibility (for all future games) with both the Xbox One and the new Xbox One S model, set to hit store shelves in August.

Xbox One, Project Scorpio, Microsoft
Microsoft announced ‘Project Scorpio’ due out Holiday season 2017. Image: Microsoft

Scorpio will support ‘true’ 4K gaming and ‘high-fidelity VR,’ which substantiates claims that surfaced last year announcing the partnership between Microsoft and Oculus. Does this mean that the Rift will be a major part of the console? More than likely. Scorpio boasts a GPU power of 6 teraflops, and a speed of 60Hz. According to Todd Howard of Bethesda, “I think it’s gonna be magical,” in reference to the huge boost in speed and performance numbers that Microsoft is claiming Scorpio will have.

There has been no word on the price of the new console, and it is almost certain that the console will not be called Scorpio. So will you rush out to buy an Xbox One S this summer, or will you wait until the big release during the holiday season of 2017? Microsoft fans will have a big year, this year and next.

You can check out the announcement video below:


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