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FOX’s Fall 2016 Show Premiere Schedule

FOX Studios

FOX released a schedule for their Fall show première lineup. This Fall you will get a health dose of new shows to replace the hit shows that have come to an end over the last few years. The network will drop every one of its new shows int he same week, which is a new tactic for broadcast networks. Typically, networks roll new shows out over a few weeks to give the viewer time to take everything in. It appears that FOX is looking to get your attention every night, all in one week.

FOX has a bad habit of cancelling great shows, and we can only hope that those days are over. With great shows like Lucifer, Rosewood, and The Last Man on Earth avoiding the axe, Fox may become a big contender for your attention in the Fall. The big standout on this list is Lucifer, which is adapted from the Vertigo comic of the same name. The show is a witty, exciting police procedural with a fantastic twist.

Lucifer, FOX Studios
FOX’s new show ‘Lucifer’ is a fantastic police procedural that will entice your bad side. Image: FOX

The big week begins on September 19th, so put it in your calendar and set a reminder. This will be a week that you don’t want to miss.

Check out the list below:

Monday, September 19th
8:00-9:00PM: “Gotham” S3 Premiere
9:00-10:00PM: “Lucifer” S2 Premiere

Tuesday, September 20th
8:00-8:30PM: “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” S4 Premiere
8:30-9:00PM: “New Girl” S6 Premiere
9:00-10:00PM: “Scream Queens” S2 Premiere

Wednesday, September 21st
8:00-9:00PM: “Lethal Weapon” Series Premiere
9:00-10:00PM: “Empire” S3 Premiere

Thursday, September 22nd
8:00-9:00PM: “Rosewood” S2 Premiere
9:00-10:00PM: “Pitch” Series Premiere

Friday, September 23rd 
8:00-9:00PM: “Hell’s Kitchen” S16 Premiere
9:00-10:00PM: “The Exorcist” Series Premiere

Sunday, September 25th
7:30-8:00PM: “Bob’s Burgers” S7 Premiere
8:00-8:30PM: “The Simpsons” S28 Premiere
8:30-9:00PM: “Son of Zorn” Series Premiere
9:00-9:30PM: “Family Guy” S14 Premiere
9:30-10:00PM: “The Last Man on Earth” S3 Premiere

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