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‘X-Files’ Revival Needed More Episodes Says Duchovny

The X-Files, FOX Studios

It has been 5 months since we last saw David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson reprise their timeless roles as Moulder and Scully, in FOX’s X-Files revival event. The show go a lot of coverage and critical reception. The biggest critique was that the revival was entirely too short, and nothing had time to really develop.

FOX have hinted that there might be a second revival coming, but that it was dictated by everyone’s schedules. Ever show runner, Chris Carter reinforced the statement, saying that more episodes would be made when everyone could make time. The X-Files revival was only six episodes long, but was still a huge hit for FOX. For brief moments of the revival, it felt as the chemistry that was there before had come back. But without ample time to develop, the show ultimately suffered.

In an interview with TV Insider, Duchovny reinforces the idea that the show was too short, saying,

“I think there were too few episodes. Twenty-two is far too many, but six is too few, so we’ve got to figure out something right in between.”

The X-Files, FOX Studios
Everyone rejoiced when news that the ‘X-Files’ would be returning to the small screen. Image: FOX

If Anderson and Duchovny are both on-board with finding a happy medium, then we could very likely see more than six episodes in the next batch of revival episodes. This would be good news for fans of X-Files, which originally ran 10 seasons.

Anderson and Duchovny both originally left the show due to the high workload the show demanded, and more recently, both actors have stated that the number of episodes in the revival was crucial to their return.

Are You Excited for a Second X-Files Reunion Season?

So, could we see a second revival season of the beloved science fiction show? A bigger question than that would be, will the potential second revival season have more episodes in it? We will have to wait for new of the shows return. Until then, I will be saying my prayers.

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