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Kate Winslet to Star in Woody Allen’s Next Film

Kate Winslet Woody Allen

They were bound to cross paths eventually. He is one of the most prolific filmmakers and she is one of the most prolific modern actresses. Now, it looks like they will come together to make a film. Even though Woody Allen’s newest feature, Cafe Society, has yet to hit theaters, he is already preparing for his next one. Fans and anyone familiar with Allen know very well about the continual process that is his method of filmmaking. So, it’s hardly surprising that his attention has turned to his next project.

Variety online is reporting that Winslet is in final negotiations with Allen’s production team, which includes his sister Letty Aronson. It is difficult to imagine a scenario where this deal doesn’t get done, as Winslet’s participation is more about prestige than money. One of the most widely admired film director’s of all time, Allen is able to get all stars casts for his films for pennies on the dollar. As of yet, the next Allen film doesn’t have a distributor but, with Kate Winslet signed and delivered, that will be a formality.

Variety, for its part, is speculating that the distributor might be Amazon. To quote Variety, “The film hasn’t found a distributor yet, although Amazon seems to be a likely destination, given Allen’s recent relationship with the studio.” Odd, given both director and actress’s extensive resumes, they have never worked together.

Woody Allen
Woody Allen to Cast Kate Winslet Photo – The Guardian

Allen has started work on the script but, as with all of his projects, details about it are being closely guarded. As for Winslet, the Guardian tells us that “The Oscar winner was most recently nominated for her supporting performance in the film Steve Jobs. She was seen earlier this year in the crime drama Triple Nine, and is set to star opposite Will Smith in Collateral Beauty.

Fans of Woody Allen are curious how he will use the British born Winslet.