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Diana Panton Impresses with “I Believe in Little Things”

America, if you have not already met Canadian jazz  songstress Diana Panton, her newest album I Believe in Little Things will serve as a real eye opener. Within a few bars of the opening song, “In a World of My Own,” Miss. Panton snatches your attention away from your work and lures you into her world. It is a happy, sunny, childlike world and Miss. Panton is a charming guide. Her voice, light and happy, suits the material perfectly. It is a happy album and you will be left wanting to thank Miss. Panton for bringing her brand of cheer.

According to Wikipedia,  “Panton started her music career as a member of the Hamilton All Star Jazz Bands until 2002. After hearing her perform with this band, veteran multi-instrumentalist Don Thompson invited her to attend the Banff Centre, where he was a faculty member. This led to Thompson’s collaboration on Panton’s albums, a decade later..”

Mr. Thompson’s work as producer and arranger lends itself well to her latest release as well as her other album which I had the pleasure to hear, Red. As with its her newest  CD, Red is a lovely, jaunt through the world of jazz, skipping along. In many ways, Miss. Panton conjures up memories of another jazz chanteuse, Norah  Jones. As with the I Believe album,  producer Thompson builds a solid foundation and allows Miss. Panton the opportunity weave her magic unfettered. Wikipedia breaks down their collaboration, “On all eight albums, Panton is accompanied by Don Thompson on piano and bass and Reg Schwager on guitar. Thompson also plays vibraphone on Pink, To Brazil With Love,Christmas Kiss and I Believe In Little Things. On Pink and Christmas Kiss, she is also accompanied by Guido Basso on flugelhorn, trumpet and cornet. On To Brazil With Love, she is also accompanied by Maninho Costa on vocals, drums and percussion, Bill McBirnie on flute, Kiki Misumi on cello and Silas Silva on drums and percussion. Phil Dwyer plays saxophone on Red. Coenraad Bloemendal plays cello on I Believe In Little Things. Harrison Kennedy sings on “Christmas Kiss” and on “Red”. “Red” also features string arrangements written by Don Thompson.”

With Red and I Believe in Little Things, one can see a bright future in music for the sublimely talented and beautiful Diana Panton.