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Producer Steven Paul on ‘Ghost in the Shell’ Whitewashing

Ghost in the Shell, Paramount Pictures

There has been a controversy swirling the internet ever since casting on the upcoming film adaptation of the Manga, Ghost in the Shell, began. Scarlett Johansson will be the film’s lead character, Major Motoko Kusanagi, and it was this casting that raised a lot of eyebrows. The character is Japanese, and most people are asking why would Hollywood cast a white female for the role, especially with the reason outcry for casting equality?

Currently Hollywood has been under the microscope, for what some are calling blatant ‘whitewashing’. So, why would they continue this trend. Speaking about the film this week, producer Steven Paul talks about the recent rumors that the film is ‘whitewashing’. In an interview with Buzzed, Paul says that the films main character is losing her Japanese name, and the film’s setting will become international:

“I think everybody is going to end up being really happy with it. They’re going to be very, very happy with it when they see what we’ve actually done with it, and I don’t think anybody’s going to be disappointed. There [are] all sorts of people and nationalities in the world in Ghost in the Shell. We’re utilizing people from all over the world. … There’s Japanese in it. There’s Chinese in it. There’s English in it. There’s Americans in it.”

Ghost in the Shell, Paramount Pictures
Scarlett Johansson as the Major in ‘Ghost in the Shell’. Image: Paramount Pictures

Ghost in the Shell is currently set for a March 31, 2017 release date. Shell stars Scarlett Johansson, along with Michael Pitt, Chin Han, and Juliette Binoche. Shell is directed by Rupert Sanders.

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