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Ghostbusters TV Spot: Slimer Has a Partner in Crime?

Ghostbusters, Columbia Pictures

Ghostbusters is still 9 days away, but the media campaign for the film is going strong. There is a new television spot online, and it showcases the classic character, Slimer. It appears that he has a new partner to help him do his ghostly deeds. The television spot also features a lot of the ghosts that we will see in the Paul Feig reboot.

Ghostbusters, Columbia Pictures
How will audiences react to the all-new ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot? Image: Columbia Pictures

In the clip, we see a few of the ghosts that we are already introduced to, and  a few of the classic specters that will be returning, namely the Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man. The best thing that these spots are giving us, is what appears to be a companion for the mean-green eating machine. That is right, it appears that Slimer has a wife/girlfriend. The ghost in the clip is wearing a wig and has lipstick on, unless it is in drag.

This just adds ammunition to a movement that believes that Feig and company are intent on reversing the gender roles of all the original characters for the reboot. I think that fans of the franchise will not leave the theaters disappointed, but that doesn’t mean that the film ‘t matter what side of the argument that you fall on, this Ghostbusters will be a different experience for us all. So, next Friday, who you gonna call?

Check out the Ghostbusters Tv Spot below:

Ghostbusters hits theaters next Friday. The reboot is directed by Paul Feig, and stars  Melissa McCarthy,  Kristen Wiig,  Kate McKinnon


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