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Who Will the Villain Be in ‘Suicide Squad’?

Suicide Squad, Warner Bros. Pictures

Easily one of the most-anticipated films of the summer 2016, David Ayer’s Suicide Squad remains relatively unspoiled. Fans know the villains that make up the team, and most of the other characters appearing in the film, but is the big, bad, villain that the team will face-off against?

Fan speculation has ranged from Batman, to the Joker, and even Enchantress, but the studio refuses to give away the answer. None of the footage released from the film has a clear image as to what or who it might be.

Suicide Squad, Warner Bros. Pictures
How can you hate a girl with so much cuteness? Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn will steal the show in ‘Suicide Squad’. Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

With the set visit embargo lifted, details about the film are beginning to emerge. Even members of the film on-set were not allowed to know anything about the villain of the film. According to Richard Suckle, the villain is called ‘The Adversary’. Suckle didn’t give up much on The Adversary, but did talk about the black foot soldiers seen in the trailers:

“They’re known as the Eyes of the Adversary…. As you can tell, it’s not a guy… that’s probably a good way to describe it. And they play a very important role in this movie and is something that G-Squad has to contend with. I don’t think it’s anything you ever, for sure, have seen. That image, that idea, is something that David… I remember when he came into the office at Warner’s because we were discussing, ‘What are these things going to look like that the Squad has to come up against?’ He was like, ‘I had a dream last night. Let me draw it for you.’ We were literally on a white board and he drew this head with these circular… You want to call them eyes, whatever they may be, and he drew it. It’s almost verbatim, honestly… That is exactly what he came up with.”

Suicide Squad, Warner Brothers Pictures
Jared Leto as the Clown Prince in David Ayer’s ‘Suicide Squad’. Image: Warner Brothers Pictures

There will be a magic/ supernatural element in this film, which marks the first time that we will see magic in the DCEU:

There’s magic in this movie. There’s things that are happening that are unexplainable. Some of them may be attributed to magic. Some of them may be attributed to other things. Maybe they’re scientific, but, yes, it’s not just someone coming into the city and laying waste. This obviously is clearly…Something has happened and the Squad is sent into Midway City to try and fix a problem, but that problem is something that you learn more and more about as the movie unfolds.

Suicide Squad will not be building the foundations of a Thanos-type villain. The Adversary is in the film and in any future sequel:

You will find out who the Adversary is. That is for sure. You will find out not only who the Adversary is but why they exist, who is part and parcel, and who is behind them. You definitely find that out in this movie, for sure.”

Spin-offs…Spin-offs You Say?

According to David Ayer, the storyline used in Suicide Squad is from one comic book story, but he is not divulging any hint at this moment. When talking about spin-offs and sequels, he says that “Suicide Squad could be a zillion films,” and that people, “will be really surprised by how much humor is in the movie.”

Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5, and advanced ticket go on sale this Friday.Check out the new TV spot below:

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