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Rejoice! Colin Firth Returns for ‘Kingsman 2’

Kingsman: The Secret Service, 20th Century Fox

There was a shred of hope upon hearing that Kingsman: The Secret Service is getting a sequel, that Colin Firth’s character, Harry Hart, would return as well. This is a big expectation, considering that Harry Hart died in Kingsman. It appears that Firth is back, and Harry Hart will be in Kingsman: The Golden Circle. 

This is a small detail that is not being kept a secret, so it seems that this is not a big spoiler. It seems that this news is not something that the studio is keeping from the public in the future. I have no idea why this wouldn’t be something that the studio would keep secret. It could be a big bombshell for fans of the first film that thought that Firth’s Hart was dead. Taron Egerton leaked the announcement first with this Twitter post:

Here is a synopsis of the sequel via Independent:

The spy spoof follow-up will be called Kingsman: The Golden Circle and see Taron Egerton’s Eggsy head state-side with Mark Strong’s Merlin to work for secret US spy society Statesmen.

Statesmen HQ is disguised as a whisky distillery and once there, Eggsy and Merlin will be tasked with defeating the villainous Poppy, played by Julianne Moore.

Vaughn was previously asked if he wanted to direct the sequel, and he had his doubts, but then one day it hit him,

“I didn’t know if I wanted to direct this or not. I was worried about the villain. Spy films are only as good as their villains. Then one morning I woke up with the whole storyline in place, and a new villain plot.”

What could we get in the sequel? Could we get another church scene? Vaughn had this to add,

“You try not to read what people want, but they do want another church sequence. I have no reason for another massacre to happen. But I have other sequences you’ve never seen before.”

Kingsman: The Secret Service, 20th Century Fox
Eggsy and Harry pay a special visit to the Kingsman headquarters for a little tryout. Image: 20th Century Fox

New Images

The studio previously released a teaser poster that features Firth, effectively announcing the characters return for the sequel. Now, a few of the cast, Taron Egerton and Pedro Pascal, have taken to social with a few set photos that feature Firth.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is directed by Matthew Vaughn, and stars Halle Berry, Mark Strong, Jeff Bridges, Julianne Moore, Channing Tatum and Elton John.

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