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‘Pokémon Go’ is the Work of the Devil, According to Pastor Wiles

Pokémon Go, Niantic

Pokémon Go is quickly becoming a cultural phenomenon. It has taken the mobile gaming world by storm, but not everyone is ecstatic about the game. Radio show pastor Rick Wiles, believes that Pokémon Go is a scourge on the Earth that will usher in the End of Times, according to io9.

I can’t make this stuff up. According to Wiles, he called police after he saw someone taking pictures of his office building. He later found out that the man was playing Pokémon Go. In an interview with TrueNews, Wiles says, “These Pokémon creatures are, like, virtual cyber demons—digital demons.” He is apparently afraid of the entire movement, and even has a few doomsday theories about how the game will usher in the end. He detests the ‘Pokémon Demons’ and the technology that they are using, thinking they will corrupt the American youth.

Pokémon Go, Niantic
Pokémon Go brings the world of Pokémon to the palm of your hand. Image: Niantic

A Digital Apocalypse

Wiles seems a bit paranoid, and for good reason according to Wiles:

“What if this technology is transferred to Islamic jihadists, and the Islamic jihadists have an app that shows them where Christians are located geographically? The enemy, Satan, is targeting churches with virtual, digital, cyber demons. I believe this is a magnet for demonic powers, they’re spawning demons inside your church. They’re targeting your church with demonic activity. This technology will be used by the enemies of the cross to target, locate, and execute Christians.”

Wiles believes that this game is everything that Christians should fear. He begs the world to ‘stop playing Pokémon Go immediately!’ Sorry Wiles, I’m not stopping anytime soon.

You can check out Wiles rant and opinions in the radio clip below:

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