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Watch: The Scariest Movie Scenes of All-Time!

The Shining, Warner Bros.

What are the scariest moments in movies that have haunted your dreams since the very first moment you saw them. Was it a slasher death, or a gory decapitation? Was it the first time that you saw A Nightmare on Elm Street, or is it from a movie like Child’s Play?

There are many ways to calculate the scare factor of certain scenes in Hollywood. How do you pick the perfect scene? Furthermore, how do you determine what scary really is? Is it a strong sense of suspense, or is it the cinematography that creates this. Well, you cannot be scared without the music in the background, or are the scariest scenes done without background music?

The Exorcist, Warner Bros.
Gotta Love the Mesopotamian Demon Statue scene in ‘The Exorcist’. Image: Warner Bros.

Regardless of what constitutes scary to you, everybody’s idea of scary is weighed very differently. There is one certainty in deciding on a scenes scare factor, no matter how it happens, your skin will crawl. CineFix put together a wonderful list that they feel are the seven scariest movie scenes of all-time. In the countdown, they talk about what factors in the scenes make them scary. These scenes will stay with you forever, and chill you to the bone.

(((Some of the scenes are NSFW so viewer beware!)))

Below is a preliminary rundown of Cinefix’s list:

  1. The Shining’s (Elevator Scene) – existential doom and dread
  2. Don’t Look Now’s (Murder Scene)- Being inside the horror
  3. Cache – Human psyche perversion
  4. The Exorcist (Spider Walk) – Human body perversion
  5. Mulholland Drive’s (Diner Scene) – Dread
  6. Zodiac’s (Basement Scene) – Suspense
  7. Jaw’s floating (Head Scene) – Jump scare

Now you can dig into the list below:

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