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Fan-Made Live-Action ‘Futurama’ Trailer Looks Amazing!


To say that this fan-made live-action Futurama trailer looks good, is a gross understatement. This trailer looks awesome! The costume work looks great, and everything looks really accurate. It is in this accuracy, that things begin to appear really creepy. Like horror show creepy, but it is also a trailer that Matt Groening would be proud to see.

I will take a moment to talk about the props/costuming in the trailer. While most of the characters are spot on, Leela is not. She is supposed to be the hot pilot, not the semi-hot mutant from The Hills Have Eyes. This should be a character they should revisit, should the production team want to actually turn this into a show. I didn’t have a problem with Prof. Farnsworth or the way that the other characters looked. The were close, but still believable.

This is a brilliant looking Futurama fan trailer. There is not much information more than this, whether this will be turned into an internet show or maybe into a pitch for a television show. You can go to the trailer maker’s  official website to get more information about any more live-action Futurama.

Check out the trailer below:

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