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Watch: New ‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer is All Joker!!!

Suicide Squad, Warner Bros.

There is one character in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad that remains a mystery, Jared Leto’s Joker. He is the one character surrounded by so much hatred and love from fans, that the lack of Joker information is keeping the anticipation for this film alive. Warner Bros. has finally answered the outcry of fans, giving them more Joker before the release of Suicide Squad on Aug 5.

Check out the final trailer below:

This trailer ups the ante, and gives you one last taste of Suicide Squad morsels before the film hits theaters in a few weeks. Hopefully, we are not getting every ounce of Joker footage early. I would like there to still be a bit of mystery surrounding the character going into the film.

The big thing that fans are really gravitating to in Suicide Squad is Harley Quinn. This will be the first time that we will get to see the dynamic between the Joker and Harley in live action. One thing to note from all the footage that we have seen, is that it seems as though Harley Quinn is afraid of the Joker. She doesn’t seem obsessed with him. Is this movie going to show us a Harley Quinn that wants nothing to do with Joker? That would be an interesting new dynamic to see.

Suicide Squad, Warner Bros. Pictures
It is almost here, David Ayer’s ‘Suicide Squad’! Image: Warner Bros.

There is one more bit of Joker news that has come out of the San Diego Comic-Con. It appears that Hot Toys has leaked the full-out fit that we see Mr. J don in the trailers. You know the outfit, a shirtless, tattooed  Jared Leto wearing only a bright purple leather jacket. Well, according to images coming off the convention floor, it seems that Joker is wearing Batman socks or tights to finish off the ensemble with the leather jacket. Don’t believe me?

Just look at this image below:

Suicide Squad, Warner Bros.
Does the Joker dance with the Devil in the pale moon light wearing these tights? Image: Warner Bros.

Wow! Just check out the boxers! I figure that if  SS is going to go all in, this is one way to do it. The theatrical release is only a few weeks away, so set you reminders for Aug 5, cause Suicide Squad is coming.

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