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YouTube Critic Trashes ‘Mystery Diners’ with Style

Mystery Diners, The Food Network

I make it no secret that I am a big fan of Ralph Sepe and his amazing movie critiques. If you haven’t seen any of his videos, I strongly suggest you check them out. You can see his reviews at RalphtheMovieMaker  on YouTube. His style is a bit crude for most people, but he matches his edginess with a strong critical lens and his ability to pick apart the intricacies of many films. He has vast knowledge of not just story, and setting, but he also covers sound, effects and shooting missed steps as well. In one of his latest videos, he takes a moment to tear apart a popular television show on The Food NetworkMystery Diners. 

Hosted by Charles Stiles, Mystery Diners goes into at-risk restaurants across the nation that need professional help. Actually, Sepe thinks that these places aren’t necessarily hurting at all, rather they are using the show as a mean to advertise on The Food Network.

Mystery Diners, The Food Network
‘Mystery Diners’ only on The Food Network. Image: The Food Network

But the fun doesn’t stop there. See calls Mystery Diners the worst television show of all time! After 1 min of his review, you will agree with Sepe immediately. You will see how bad this television show really is. As he breaks down the flaws, you will hate this show more and more. I had to watch an episode of Mystery Diners just to see if it was this bad, and it truly is. There really is not a single thing good about this show. It just feels that The Food Network had some budget space, and needed to fill dead air time.

Ralph doesn’t just tear things apart, he actually tries to reason through flaws and find the motivation for them. He even tries to offer ideas on how to make the show better, but he is a little lost for words. I am going to take this moment, and add in a little disclaimer for those of you that are sensitive.

(((Caution::Ralph is very passionate about film, and that shows in his reviews. He does not edit out bad language and innuendo. His critiques are raw and brutal.)))

Check out RalphtheMovieMaker’s review of the worst television show of all time,The Food Network’s Mystery Diners below:

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