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How Kevin Nash and Scott Hall Started a Television Revolution and Why They Are Underappreciated

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The first time Scott Hall sauntered his way through the crowd and into the ring, he helped set off a series of events that were just plain great television. Not only would he, along with his running mate Kevin Nash, create a memorable character, but they both would help turn the sport of professional wrestling on its ear. Analysing it now, it all started that night. Formerly known as Razor Ramon in the WWE, suspicions were high where Scott Hall was concerned. Intrigue in wrestling is always thick as the writing team can slather it on. Scott Hall would set off events that would take the rival WCW to the summit and later plunge it into the deep abyss of bankruptcy.

It was what wrestling had always sought, true drama. Rather than the contrived circus scenarios that had been pumped out for generations, this was different. Hall and Nash were not just thugs, but real thugs. Gone were the histrionics that leeched into the story lines like a trailer park welfare mother. Hall and Nash were badasses. Rather than scream and shout, as was the tradition in professional wrestling, they saw the humor of it all. Both played their parts to perfection. Furthermore, with Nash and Hall, gone was the fallacy that you couldn’t root for the heel.

With these two dudes riding shotgun, the disorganized WCW managed the impossible.  David began to catch Goliath in TV ratings. Hence, the Monday Night Wars would serve as the battle ground for these two organizations. Whereas, the WCW enhanced their product, and realized that the greatest battles didn’t always happen inside the ring, WWE remained staid. With Eric Bisch0ff in control of the WCW, the —

“…WCW introduced a new, complex metastory involving the defection of multiple wrestlers to a rival organization called the nWo. WWF owner Vince McMahon’s controversial treatment of Bret Hart in an incident known as the Montreal Screwjob immediately precipitated Hart’s departure from the WWF to the WCW, alienating a large segment of the WWF’s fanbase at the same time WCW came to employ virtually all of the established wrestling stars then in competition.”

Scott Hall and Kevin Nash embraced their characters and sold them to the hilt. They were both booed and cheered. In the end, the were a success for all those reasons and they were just that damn good.