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SDCC 2016: The First ‘Justice League’ Trailer is Just Amazeballs

Justice League, Warner Bros.

This year’s San Diego Comic-Con was supposed to be a slow year for movies, but nobody told the studios that. Warner Bros. and DC have pulled all the stops after the nightmare that was Batman v. Superman, and have set the comic world on fire. The big announcement coming from Hall H during the WB and DC panel, was the release of the first Justice League trailer.

I am not even going to begin to break into this. It is not so much a trailer, rather than footage pieced together for the Comic-Con crowd, but it is really brilliant. Check out the trailer below first, we can talk after the video:

In the footage you see Ben Affleck’s Batman putting the band together. He is seeking out the members off the Justice League, and you get to see him interacting with every member separately. Can I take a moment to say, it is nice to see that Warner Bros. is not taking their movies so seriously. The grittiness is still presence, but the characters are starting to have life. They are witty, playful, funny, and most of all, they are each unique.

I am going to take this one character at a time. Aquaman is intense. Jason Momoa is the perfect casting for this role. It appears that Warner Bros. and DC is looking to reinvent the famous Atlantean King. He is caring, yet imposing. I really like this approach to him in the film. Barry Allen is a bit different from we are used to seeing him. Previous reports indicated that the Scarlet Speedster will be a loner, and a petty thief (can you say DOFP Quicksilver anyone). You can ready the description of the entire scene that was seen when the press visited the set of Justice League a month ago.

Justice League, Warner Bros.
Fan art taking inspiration from the Flash suit reveal in ‘Justice League’. Image: Warner Bros.

We see a bit more of Batman interacting with Wonder Woman and joking about his interaction with other meta-humans. During the brief time since Batman v Superman, Diana (Wonder Woman) has become a bit more comfortable with Bruce Wayne. This is yet another instance that we see Warner Bros. humanizing their characters.

Cyborg looks great, and he looks unfinished, which is a great concept to grasp. Why would he settle with the bionic upgrades that he has? Why wouldn’t he strive for more? I also love the moment that Batman and Cyborg have, where they are talking about Batman being a myth. The last moment of the trailer is Bruce Wayne telling Arthur Curry that he hears he can talk to fish. What a great line to close out an amazing trailer.

Trailer Expectations

I know that a trailer is nothing to get over excited about, and  that Batman v Superman had a great lead-off trailer, but this feels different. It feels as though DC has heard the concerns of fans. They are making the necessary changes to their universe, to keep from making the mistakes of there past. That is good for them, and great for the fans.

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