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Kevin Smith, Is Hollywood Making too Many Superhero Movies?

Kevin Smith

There has been a raging debate about whether we are getting too many superhero movies,and this debate is resurfacing as we look in the face of the Suicide Squad theatrical release. What side of this debate are you on? I think that as long as superhero movies continue their trend, the market will eventually become over-saturated. Does that mean the Hollywood should slow down on their production of superhero movies? Of course not. At the red carpet event for Suicide Squad, Variety (via CB)sat down with director Kevin Smith (Clerks, Yoga Hosers) to talk about this debate.

His answer is priceless, and is delivered in true Kevin Smith fashion. So, does Kevin Smith  think that Hollywood is making too many superhero movies? Before we get to his answer, you must know that Kevin Smith is a huge comics mega-fan, and even owns his own comic book shop, Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash. So what is his answer?

Kevin Smith

“Look who you’re asking. Look how I’m dressed, are you serious? You got me for five minutes and you’re going to ask that question? No, they need to make more dude. I don’t care if they’re quote unquote bad or something, the more you see the better it is. Like, make it as, as ubiquitous as the western was in the fifties I say, because what’s better than little morality tales. Some of them are going to be wonderful, some may be not as wonderful, but let em make them all. There’s no such thing as too many of these things.”

Comic book films are dominating the Hollywood landscape, and with films like Suicide Squad, Doctor Strange, and Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 garnering a ton of buzz, they aren’t going to go away any time soon. 2017 will bring us a whole new batch of superhero films, and we will begin to get introductions to new characters and comic properties. It appears that superhero films will remain substantial well past 2020.

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