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Will Tony Gilroy Save ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ Spin-Off?

Star Wars: Rogue One, Disney

Another installment of the Star Wars verse prepares to invade theaters on December 16. A new hero has appeared and his effect will be quickly felt. His name is Tony Gilroy. In the upcoming spin-off Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Mr. Gilroy contributed to the screenplay, but has taken a larger role in the post-production of the film. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Gilroy has been lending a hand in the editing process, alongside director Gareth Edwards. Moreover, many stories have surfaced telling how the 59-year-old screenwriter had a hand in re-shoots that dealt with some story issues that arose during filming, including the ending sequence.

Star Wars: Rogue One, Disney
AT-AT’s storm a beach in the trailer for ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’. Image: Disney

Who is Tony Gilroy?

Mr. Gilroy’s resume is nothing to sneeze at. A glance tells you he has blockbuster film experience, most notably in the Bourne franchise. According to the Hollywood Reporter, “Gilroy, 59, writer of several Bourne movies and director of The Bourne Legacy and Michael Clayton, became the driving force behind Rogue One‘s extensive, recently wrapped re-shoots, which ran around five weeks.”

Set insiders go out of their way to downplay any potential notions of conflict.  In addition, they have painted the Gilroy/Edwards pairing as collaborative effort.  Mr.Gilroy is a known quantity to Lucas Film’s Kathleen Kennedy, Gilroy has had collaborations with Kennedy’s husband Frank Marshall. As well, Gilroy helped Edwards out during the editing process of his earlier film Godzilla.

The Rogue One panel, at the recent Celebration convention, underlined the harmony between Edwards and Gilroy.  According to the Web site ScreenRants

“Those closest to the production stressed that it was business as usual and not a big deal, but the flurry of rumors painted a muddled picture. Some reports stated 40 – 60 percent of the film had to be redone. Others said that more humor was being added to lighten the tone.”

Almost from the beginning, wild speculation has dogged the film in some form or other. Furthermore, the biggest and loudest of the speculation has surrounded Gilroy and his role in the film. Neither Disney nor its subsidiary, Lucas Films, have commented on the situation. Neither would they define the roles of its creative team.

Star Wars Rogue, io9, Disney
A great poster from Disney’s upcoming movie, ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’. Image: io9

Is Yoda Nervous About Too Many Cooks?

While fans and executives may get nervous about possible discord, it is nothing new for a Stars Wars set. Production disputes line the history of the franchise. Like its predecessors, this installment looks to cash in at the box office. As a result of its holiday release, Rogue One will compete with other serious heavyweights. Still, most figure it will rule the roost.

In conclusion, rumors will be rendered irrelevant on December 16th, when this latest entry officially hits theaters. As much as the idle chit-chat distracts now, it will be laid to rest if the product pleases fans.