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‘Suicide Squad’ Director David Ayer is Interested in Doing ‘Man of Steel 2’

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Warner Bros. Pictures

With the theatrical release of Suicide Squad this weekend, our focus shifts to what could happen next. What is DC’s next move? We know the film schedule, but could there be a few surprises on the horizon? Could we see David Ayer get more of a role in the DC Cinematic plan, maybe even directing Man of Steel 2? It appears that Suicide Squad is set to make a huge profit, despite dismal critical reviews. As long as the film grows legs and the ticket sales stay high that is. Warner Bros. is hoping that SS doesn’t drop off in its second weekend like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice did.

In a recent interview with JoBlo, Ayer was asked if there was another DC property he would like to helm at some point. His answer was simple, Superman:


“If everything was on the table? I love Superman, I think Superman would be amazing. There’s so many; it’s such an insanely rich universe, there’s so much depth to it. You could literally open up the encyclopedia of characters and stab your finger at a page and you’d have an amazing character.”

Man of Steel, Warner Bros. Pictures
Henry Cavill stars as Superman in Zack Snyder’s ‘Man of Steel’. Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

Giving us Man of Steel 2 would be an interesting move for Warner Bros., because the current DC film schedule says nothing about another Superman film. Could this be an opportunity for fans to say goodbye to Zack Snyder (as he is occupied with Justice League), and get another directors vision for the Man of Tomorrow?

Henry Cavill has also stated that he would rather do a Man of Steel sequel and not another team-up movie. After seeing Suicide Squad I feel that Ayers would bring a different feel to the Superman films, and it might be just the change that fans could want from the franchise.

Get to theaters and catch Suicide Squad in theaters today!

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