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Pixar Says ‘No More Sequels After 2019’, Yea Right.

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Pixar is a powerhouse when it comes to animation films, but they have not produced a new property in some time. The Good Dinosaur is the only one. Their release schedule is loaded with sequels to other hit franchises that they have, like Cars, Monsters Inc., Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and now comes news that Incredibles 2 is in the works.

In fact, Pixar only has one original film coming in the next 3 years, and that film (Coco) releases next Thanksgiving. That is three years of sequels for a company that has a talent for making hit new franchises. In a recent interview with EW, Pixar president Jim Morris says that after Incredibles 2 and Toy Story 4 hit theaters, every film in the works is an original idea. He goes on to say:

“Everything after Toy Story and The Incredibles is an original right now.”

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What will Pixar’s next big franchise be?

The films are slotted to release sometime either in 2020, 2021, 2022. Two of them are confirmed to hit theaters in 2020. According to Morris, the films are set in:

“Unusual but believable worlds that take us in other directions than we’ve pursued in the past.”

Morris says that Pixar has always aimed at releasing a sequel for ever two original film released. Morris godson to say if you:

“add the next films after the current ones, it actually comes out to exactly that: seven sequels in a spate of 21 originals, from the time we were acquired by Disney [in 2006].”

Morris also says that there are no current sequels set for Ratatouille, Up, WALL-E, or Inside Out.

Pixar can take all the time they would like to take, if you ask me. They put out quality original films, loaded with positive messages and great characters. I would hate for them to rush films out just to make the public happy before they are ready. I find it hard to believe that Pixar isn’t loading up on sequels when they have stacked portfolio to choose from.

Coco is set to hit theaters on November 22, 2017

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