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James Wan Breaks Down How ‘Aquaman’ Will Talk Under Water

Aquaman, Warner Bros.

More details are emerging about the upcoming DC movie Aquaman. Poor Aquaman, he doesn’t have a very good reputation, but DC is intent on changing this perception of the King of Atlantis. If you actually read most Aquaman comics, you will quickly realize he is pretty bad ass. Warner Bros. has cast the amazing Samoan, Jason Momoa, making Arthur Curry a Pacific islander. We got a short glimpse of Momoa in Batman v. Superman and in the Comic-Con Justice League trailer that dropped last month.

But how will Aquaman handle being set in the ocean? James Wan gives us a slight hint about how he will handle underwater dialog. In an interview with IGN, Wan says that due to Curry and the other characters having water in their lungs, there is no way for there to be air bubbles. Wan says that to get around this issue, he is adding a sonic quality for the underwater dialog:

I love the idea of underwater speaking but with a real sort of sonic, aquatic quality to it. So there’s this sort of aquatic, almost sonar/whale thing. Even though it’s in a human language, there’s this slight sort of underlay to it, this ping to it, which I think would be interesting for us to design from a sound design perspective. Yeah, it will be fun. Also, Zack has some ideas that he’ll be doing in Justice League.

Aquaman, Warner Brothers Pictures
Jason Momoa suits up as the King of Atlantis in ‘Aquaman’. Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

This could be a great way to differentiate the way that Atlanteans talk to each other, compared to humans. The good thing for Wan is that Justice League will come before Aquaman, so it will be nice to have a little trial run, if they even decide to go that way. The villain for the film was released yesterday, it is Black Manta, Aquaman’s greatest villain.

Aquaman splashes into theaters on July 27, 2018.

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