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Watch The First 20 Minutes of Gameplay from ‘Gears of War 4’ Prologue

Gears of War 4, Microsoft Studios

One of the most-anticipated games of 2016, Gears of War 4, hits store shelves a little over a week. Fans of the game series will be introduced to a new generation of Gears and new threat to the children of Earth. It is time to get out your Lancer, and prepare to

Fuqua: ‘The Magnificent Seven’ Will Avoid All Racial Slurs

The Magnificent Seven, MGM

Most of the recent westerns that we get from Hollywood are laden with bad language racial slurs. Each of them attempt to create a darker tone of the west than we usually get from Hollywood films. In modern days, darker films usually are accompanied by dialog rife with obscenities and

‘John Wick Chapter 2’ Will Bring Twice the Action of the First One

John Wick, Liongate Entertainment

The first images are starting to hit the internet for the Keanu Reeves-led cult classic John Wick Chapter 2. The first film was a delight, showing that no one should ever kill Reeves puppy. during a panel at the New York Comic Con, director Chad Stahelski spoke with Collider about his upcoming film John Wick Chapter

Stan Lee Has Filmed His Next 4 Marvel Cameos Says Kevin Feige

Stan Lee, Marvel

One of the best things about Marvel movies are the crazy Stan Lee cameos. Some are funny, some are creative, and some are just bizarre. According to a new report, Lee has already filmed his next four cameo scenes. One of my favorite Stan Lee cameos is the most recent

‘Stranger Things’ Feels Pressure to Make a Successful Second Season

Stranger Things, Netflix

One of the hardest things for a director to do is to make a successful sequel that is as loved as the first film or season of a series. Continuing to capture lightning in a bottle season after season in a series might just be a bit harder than making

Streaming: Everything Leaving Netflix in October 2016


Netflix gives us a huge group of new movies and television shows to binge-watch every month. Go here for the complete list of everything coming to Netflix in October 2016. While they give a lot of new stuff, Netflix also has to let go of a large group of movies

3 Ways That You Can Boost Fat Loss

Zack and Miri Make a Porno, View Askew

 I'm not sure that there are numbers in the mathematical language that can count how many articles there are about fat loss on the internet.  Some of the information is legit, and some is just blowing smoke.  The worst part is, we get bogged down with so many rules we

‘Star Trek Beyond’ hits home October 4 in Digital HD and November 1 on Blu-ray

Star Trek Beyond,Paramount Pictures

FROM DIRECTOR JUSTIN LIN AND PRODUCER J.J. ABRAMS COMES ONE OF THE BEST-REVIEWED ACTION MOVIES OF THE YEAR! STAR TREK BEYOND The All-New Star Trek Adventure Takes Off on 4K Ultra HD™, Blu-ray™ and Blu-ray 3D™ Combo Packs November 1, 2016   Get it on Digital HD Four Weeks Early on October 4                HOLLYWOOD, Calif.  – The intrepid crew of

Streaming: Everything Coming to Netflix in October 2016


It is that time again, when Netflix brings us a plethora of great new movies and television shows to the streaming service. Yes, we will be losing some in the process, but this is not the time for grieving. Netflix has been purging a lot of great titles over the