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The Film Trailers of John Ford

John Ford

John Ford made over 140 films in his career. Largely considered by many film historians to be the greatest director of all time, Ford shunned the term “artist”. To him, film directing was a vocation. Yet, it remained his passion his entire life. It has been said that he would fall into depression and heavy drinking in between film shoots. However, once it was time for the cameras to start rolling again, Ford was back to his old commanding self.  Join us as PopcornSushi celebrates the life and career of one of Hollywood’s all time greats.

The Film Trailers of John Ford


Made in the seminal film year of 1939, Stagecoach was Ford’s first sound western. It is also the first pairing of John Wayne and John Ford. Costarring Claire Trevor, Stagecoach was produced by independent film producer Walter Wanger. According to Wikipedia

Stagecoach was the first of many Westerns that Ford shot using Monument Valley, in the American south-west on the Arizona–Utah border, as a location, many of which also starred John Wayne. Scenes from Stagecoach, including a famous sequence introducing John Wayne’s character the Ringo Kid, blended shots of Monument Valley with shots filmed on the Iverson Movie Ranch in Chatsworth, California, and other locations.”

7 Women

Proof of John Ford’s ability is the film 7 Women. Largely known as an actor’s director, the film showed Ford could work with actresses as well. The film starred Anne Bancroft and would be Ford’s final film. While Ford had, by that point, nothing left to prove, the film underlined the fact that he was not a one dimensional director.