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The Top 10 Break-up Films To Help You Cope With Loss

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Focus Features

We have all dealt with the heartache that comes with a breakup from a loved one, and if you haven’t you are one of the lucky few. Break-ups can be hard on the mind, hard on the body, and hard on the heart. During a break-up you will think that your world is crashing down, and there is no possible way to live on.

Movies are a great way to dealt with the struggles that you will meet during a break-up. They have a way of being extremely cathartic, allowing the healing process to begin instantly. Does this mean that by the time the credits roll, you will be over your recent ex? That is not very likely. In most cases, you will need multiple gallons of ice cream, several rounds of shots, and more than a few boxes of tissues.

Movies give us a gateway to help you escape reality and find your heart again. They allow you to begin the long process of healing needed during these times, and give you a place of refuge where you cannot be hurt by anyone else in the world. Movies tap into the pain, hurt, and sadness that you are currently experiencing. They make you laugh, or cry, and could relate to your particular situation giving you an outlet to channel your feelings.

Here is PopcornSushi’s ultimate list of The Top 10 Break-up Films To Help You Cope With Loss.


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