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The Film Trailers of Paul Naschy

Paul Naschy Werewolf Movies

Horror icon Paul Naschy brought the horror film genre to Spanish cinema. The actor, writer, producer, and director was and probably will forever be the face of Spanish horror films. Not a traditional bastion for the genre, Spain became a cheaper alternative place to film for both horror and Western films. As Franco tightened his grip on Spain in the late sixties and early seventies, a growing underground began to emerge, ready to take over once the Generalissimo faded away into obscurity. A notable among that generation was Pedro Almodovar.  At the head of that growing community was, of course, Paul Naschy.

The Trailers of Paul Naschy

Horror Rises From The Tomb

Horror Rises From the Tomb is an example of Spanish censorship at work. A recent DVD re-release of the film provided two versions of the film. Sure, like most of the low-budget horror films of the era, it is cheap and tawdry. It is, however, far from terrible.

Hunchback of the  Morgue

Hunchback of the Morgue dates back to 1973. In the film, Naschy plays the hunchback, who falls in love with an ailing woman. Unable  to accept her death, he seeks out a scientist who can help resurrect her.

The blatant rip off of Frankenstein not withstanding, this is another film that is decent. Horror is a genre of trotting out previously done plots. As such, the Frankenstein motif must be excused.

Vengeance of the Zombies

Vengeance of the Zombies is another film from the epic era that was the early 70s. The plot, according to Wikipedia, was, a programmer. A bad guy stalks and kills women. The women are brought back to life by a voodoo doctor who turns them into zombies.

We leave you with a longer collection of Paul Naschy trailers. With Halloween fast approaching, there are potentials that aren’t trite Hollywood rehashes.