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Alternate ‘Justice League’ Suits and an 8-bit ‘Justice League’ Trailer

Justice League, Warner Bros.

A few weeks ago Warner Bros. unveiled the final look that most of the heroes will have in the upcoming Justice League film. A few of the heroes super suits garnered some praise, including the Flash suit that we saw in Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The Flash is one outfit that has many people talking. It resembles the Flash suit that was used in the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us. Although it is very different from its television counterpart, it was a welcomed sight. The way that the armor seems tethered together is one of the most interesting parts of the suit. Fans got a glimpse of Cyborg in the first trailer that dropped for Justice League as well. The design sticks close to the way he appears in the comics. But these two suits could have been drastically different.

During the production of a film, costumes undergo multiple changes, and many designs are left unexplored, but two designs almost made the cut. They were a big change from any way that we have ever seen thee two heroes look before. Check out the image below:

This past weekend, Ironhead Studio leaked out a couple of the early concepts for The Flash and Cyborg in Justice League. Ironhead contributed many designs to Batman v Superman and Justice League. These were just a few early designs of the costumes, but you can see that this concept for Flash was more armored that the final suit, and Cyborg’s outfit would have come with a full helmet. This image comes one week after Snyder leaked the first look at Batman in his tactical suit. You can see that image below.

Justice League, Warner Bros.
Batman’s new tactical suit in ‘Justice League’. Image: Warner Bros.

These suits just show you that there may be more than one suit for each hero when they face off against Darksied in Justice League.

Check out this awesome Justice League trailer remade in an 8-bit format:

Justice League hits theaters on 17 November 2017.

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