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‘Jumanji’ Image Controversy Cleared Up By Gillan and The Rock

Jumanji, Sony Pictures

The first image from the Jumanji sequel has been released, and the outfits have a few people scratching their heads. A small group of people are crying foul at Karen Gillan’s very small outfit. At first glance, the outfit would lend some to think that Hollywood [once again] is over sexualizing her role. Is this the case, or is there a perfectly good reason that her clothes are so skimpy?

According to actress Karen Gillan’s Twitter account, there is a great reason that her out fit is lacking covering, and according to her the reason is worth waiting for. Check out her tweet below:

Are you still not convinced that it is worth the wait? I think that there is more to this sequel than meets the eye, which is the case with the original film starring Robin Williams. Many sites are still crying foul, but the cast saying that every one of their costumes is intentionally designed. This is a fact that cannot argue with.

Another actor from the film that took to Twitter to back up the image. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has also backed up what Gillan said about the outfits being intentional. According to Johnson, he calls the outfits, “Our deep 90’s vintage costumes.” Along with the statement, he also gave everyone’s character names. You can check out his post below:

Kevin Hart is “Moose Finbar”, Karen Gillan is “Ruby Roundhouse”, Jack Black is “Professor Shelly Oberon”, and Dwayne Johnson is “Dr. Smolder Bravestone”. Whether these are character names, or merely nicknames, they sound great.

Jumanji is set to hit theaters on 28 July 2017.

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