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3 Ways That You Can Boost Fat Loss

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 I’m not sure that there are numbers in the mathematical language that can count how many articles there are about fat loss on the internet.  Some of the information is legit, and some is just blowing smoke.  The worst part is, we get bogged down with so many rules we have to follow, that we end up losing our minds and find ourselves at the bottom of a deep dish pizza.  If this sounds like you, then let’s take it one step at a time.
Here’s 3 ways to boost your fat loss (that you can take to the bank):
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#1 Make Weight Training the Core of Your Training Program Workout Pic

One of my favorite memes about women’s fitness, has Dwight Schrute from The Office with the caption that says, “Lifting weights makes women huge.  FALSE.  Cupcakes make women huge.” Seriously, many women (especially younger) are afraid of dumbbells over 5 lbs because they think they will get ‘bulky’.  Truth is, weights can challenge your body in a much more efficient and longer-lasting way than anything else.  You might be sweaty after your Zumba class, or feel like falling over after your spin class, but your body will respond and recover much faster if you just threw some weights around until the muscles fatigue.

This is important because the longer your muscles work to repair and grow more dense (not bigger) tissue, the longer you are leaving the engine running, burning a ton of gas (in this case, fat).  Next time you’re in the gym, give your best to the weight rack.  If you have anything left when it’s said and done, you can finish off with some cardio!

#2 Avoid Carb Intake in the Evenings

Oh the age-old debate about carbs.  Long story short, carbs get turned into glucose, which is necessary for brain function.  DO NOT COMPLETELY RID YOURSELF OF CARBS!!!  Instead, try to limit or avoid them entirely in the evenings.  I don’t like to put a time on it because people get home at different times.  However, if you’re trying to slam your last dinner roll an hour before you go to bed you may be in trouble.  By limiting your carb intake, you give your body a greater span to burn any excess glucose stores rather than trying to tuck them into the nearest love handle.

 If you’re an evening workout person, you may need a few healthy carbs (veggies, potato, rice, etc) for dinner.  Try not to eat dinner too close to bedtime and you should be okay…..again, that’s ONLY if you worked out right before dinner.  Don’t cheat! Fat loss doesn’t come easy.

#3 Have a Cup of Coffee or Tea  Health, Coffee and Tea

     Yes!  Now this we can all get on board with.  Truth is, outside of the nutrient value that these beverages offer they also come with a dose of caffeine. This means they’ll temporarily boost the old metabolism and burn a few extra calories for you (high-five!). This is a big success for you and your fat loss.  WARNING:  If you overdo it and consume too much caffeine regularly, your body can become dependent on it or get so used to it that you’ll lose the metabolic boost effect.
Tea is also filled with antioxidants which can help prevent cell damage and boost the immune system.  Just remember, you don’t need 3 scoops of sugar or a gallon of French Vanilla creamer to make it taste good…maybe just a Splenda packet will do!

If you follow these easy steps, you too can boost your fat loss and reach your weight loss goals!

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