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‘Wolverine 3’ Officially Titled ‘Logan’, and a Poster/Script Leaks to Twitter

Logan, 20th Century Fox

Hugh Jackman has made good on his promise of revealing the official title for the upcoming Wolverine 3 movie soon, and it is simply Logan. Logan will be Hugh Jackman’s last film as the adamantium-clawed mutant. It took him less than 24 hours to have the big unveil, and this as probably due to the large building sized poster going up in New York City for the New York Comic Con that starts this weekend.

The first thing to note from the poster, is that it shows Logan holding a child’s hand. The next thing to take notice of is that Logan’s arm has scratches running down it. This is either immediately following a fight, or something has happened to Logan’s healing factor as he has grown older. The poster all but confirms that the storyline from the film will follow the Old Man Logan comic storyline.

The Wolverine, 20th Century Fox
The claws are out in ‘The Wolverine’. Image: 20th Century Fox

Who is the child’s hand that Wolverine is holding in the poster? Could this possibly be the first glimpse that we get of X-23, the mutant clone of Wolverine? The movie’s director, James Mangold also leaked out the second page of the film’s screenplay. The page tells fans a lot of what they can expect from the film, and almost seems written for them. It really doesn’t feel like this is actually the script, but a hype introduction, followed by a brief script excerpt.

According to the script, Wolverine is not the spring chicken he once was. His mutant abilities have begun to diminish, and if you want to believe the introduction puff piece, people will die in this film. A lot of people will die. It can be assumed that since Logan is shooting for an R-Rating, like Deadpool, there will be a large body count, copious amounts of blood, and enough swearing to make any fan happy. You can check out the images below.

Logan hits theaters on March 3, 2017.

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