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Great Scream Queens: Tina Krause

Tina krause

The edge between professional and amateur productions in the internet age has become razor-thin. What might have been considered amateur back in the day is given more consideration. Some probably would say too much consideration. With the rise of the digital age, filmmaking has become more of hobby than an art form. While that has its drawbacks, it can have its positives as well. The talented Ms. Tina Krause does have the body and the lung capacity to make a scream queen. Unlike most actresses who populate the lower realms of cinema, Ms. Krause has some acting chops also.

In this age of the overwhelming available technology, a simple girl next door can go from the normal to being strangled with four serious looking guys filming it. You might think this a precursor to porn but it doesn’t have to be. According to the Wikipedia entry: “In an interview at Horror Society, she states that she was “discovered” at Chiller Theatre and has been acting “ever since.”Her first feature was Sorority Slaughter in 1994.”

Tina Krause Actress?

Tina Krause tiptoes a unique line that few actresses do. She alternates between appearing in ultra low to absolutely no budget films. Largely based on the east coast, they are internet based companies. A number of the films she has appeared in largely rests in the horror film genre. Few of the titles are memorable or even worth remembering for that matter. According to the website Deadly Beauty, ” Krause graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York City with a degree in Graphic Design and 3D illustration.”

In spite of the quality, or lack thereof, in her films, Krause’s talent always tends to shine through. A surprising talent in comedy has come to the surface, though few filmmakers seem to have picked up on it.