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What if Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Woke Up Starring in ‘Doctor Who’?

Doctor Who is a brilliant show that has taken the time-traveling Doctor to almost every conceivable storyline you could ever imagine. There are a lot of things that the show does wonderfully, and there are even some things that came about by accident, and just ended up working. But what if the Doctor woke up one day and realized that he is the star of a television show, starring a time-traveling 1000-year-old alien. This would blow people’s minds.

Some thought that the show was doomed, when the star, William Hartnell, became ill. It was a sickness that ended his acting career. What does a new show do? They propose changing the actor out. They actually write it into the script, and the star of Doctor Who (The Doctor) regenerates, changing his appearance forever. This is just one of the many hurdles that the show encountered, and the writers stood up to the challenge. They overcame any adversity.

Doctor Who, BBC
The TARDIS from the BBC’s popular television show, ‘Doctor Who’. Image: BBC

So, what stories are left to tell. What ways could you take the show, and still keep it fresh and new? Well, the shows newest Doctor, Peter Capaldi, has a really big, very meta idea. This weekend at the New York Comic Con, Capaldi talked with io9 about what story would he like to see the Doctor in. His answer is brilliant, and one that only a true fan like Capaldi could dredge up:

I’d love the Doctor to be trapped inside a television show that’s like Doctor Who. There’s a central character that’s a mysterious, time-traveling man who probably has an alcohol problem. And has to gone on and fight men in robber monster suits. I would like the Doctor to be placed—I’d like him to be in Doctor Who. I’d like him to wake up one day in Doctor Who.

It is not an unheard of idea, but it is one that would take some planning. Some have tried, but few shows manage to do it successfully. Well, Doctor Who writers, here is your mission, should you choose to accept it.

There is no current date set for Doctor Who’s return. Hopefully, it will come back sooner than later.

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